the mission: to encourage and empower all people to step out of their story and find the gifts…whether it be through movement, voice, or pen to paper….discovering the hidden gems that make life so incredibly rich and rewarding….to support all life in balance, wakefulness and compassion.
sacred sweat: called by some as “mindfulness in motion”, SACRED SWEAT brings sweat, strength, joy, laughter, questioning of your perceived limitations, hip shaking, thought provoking, earth quaking fun to your life… it is healing, and truly a gift you give yourself. visit our Facebook page.
sacred self: connecting with more conscious tools for putting sustainable change into action. if you are looking to reclaim that which you feel has left your life, if you feel you’ve become disconnected from what truly matters to you, what better time than now to call yourself back and experience more love, joy and peace in all aspects of your life.
the 12 chapters project: please join us on facebook and share your story…..when we begin writing we obtain more insight and discover more about ourselves…..when we share those stories, we remind others that they are not alone. (guidelines in info. section) click here to visit Facebook page.

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