relax or resist.

please take a moment to think of a challenging situation in your life, something you don’t want to be happening right now, something you want to change….. a situation in which you wish the events were going differently, more smoothly, more the way you want them to be…..

the way life unfolds is so interesting……sometimes the harder we push, the more resistance we get. Sometimes the more we obsess over something, the further it seems to slip from our grasp.

then, there are also those times when we~ just~ let~ go…..and life begins to fall into place;  more begins to work out beautifully than not, and you begin to feel the flow without all of the resistance.

right now, which way would you choose to live your life?

this is the perfect weekend challenge….. to Just be.

relax into the way it is….

maybe it’s the pain, maybe it’s the bliss.

either or in between, sit in it, sit there and feel it, it will pass….

resistance or relax?

You lived through yesterday, you are living through today, and if fortunate  enough–
you will live through tomorrow, but how?

relax or resist….you may begin now.

this, is freedom. set yourself free…………..i love you, x.


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