in my house, it was often stated, and from my mothers lips….

“never save the best part for last.” she’d steal cherished olives from your plate, whipped cream from the top of your sundae and race anyone for the sugariest end of a cinnamon roll….but cashmere?     ….now that was a different story.

she’d always subtly spoken of her wish for a cashmere sweater and so one year, found it wrapped and under the tree….just for her. the color~crimson red….and it was delicious. carefully and with delight and awe my mother gazed at her dream sweater in the box, then placed that heavenly wrap into her drawer to save…”for best.”

when the date finally came that was cashmere worthy, she excitedly pulled open the drawer to find that the moths had enjoyed it more than her…i was secretly crushed for my mother, and learned so much in that moment of the airing of the treasured scarlet threads….

PLEASE……..this weekend….use your “best” china~wear your “best” clothes~work on your “best” ideas as soon as you can. when we wait for tomorrow to come before we enjoy all that life has to offer, we miss out on what it’s offering RIGHT NOW.

…there is truly so much abundance in the world. plenty enough for everyone….and you don’t need to wait to enjoy what is in front of your face right now.

enjoy it.  enjoy your life!  every minute of it!  share what you have!

….the sun comes up every single day for us to enjoy…no matter what~

and tomorrow it will come up again. life is really THAT GOOD…

have a beautiful weekend. i love you, kimberly.

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