yes….beyond measure. xo.

yes, you are.......

to GIVE and LET IT GO….

what a loaded time of the year we’re headed into…

gifts, family, do i buy for this person, that person …well, what’s it all about?
this weekend…it’s about an opportunity.

this is a 3 day challenge, but really, i want to make this your opportunity of the month….

i challenge you to GIVE without expecting ANYTHING to happen in return.

ok, for example… when you feel obligated to send a card to an old aunt and you do so,
so she can still tell her friends what a good person you are, or so that your parents will be pleased….etc. you know that? that’s not it…

here’s how it works….. YOU CAN be the bearer of peace, be kind, show compassion, give a compliment, or any other numerous forms of a gift…….BUT….THEN,  LET IT GO.

let the gift returned be the good feelings that you have from doing it….NOT allowing the receivers response dictate how you then feel. that’s conditional giving…that’s taking. If something wonderful happens in return…TERRIFIC…it will be an added bonus…because you already feel great having chosen to love no matter what.

when we can love for the sake of loving without expecting anything in return….incredible things can happen in the lives of those we are loving & especially in our own lives and hearts. it is this kind of LOVE that has the potential to heal us all…
this weekend, i offer up the challenge that with each move you make, you first remember that its NOT the love you get back from giving, but the love you GIVE away without any attachment to an outcome that truly feeds you.
connect with the innocence and purity of giving…. because it’s from THAT mindset, that you’ll feel free from the trap of expecting that something will happen if you love enough,
if you love the right way, or if you love more than someone else….
you are already loved beyond measure…
have a beautiful weekend everyone, xo, kimberly.

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