ahh, the panic in their eyes had not quite set in when i asked if everyone in the room was ready for the SACRED SWEAT ” 3 day weekend challenge”… you see, they say “YES” and THEN i tell them what it is. brave souls they are, and you can imagine that when i offered up a FAST, they got slightly uncomfortable…however, this fast is one of a different nature than most are doing these days…it doesn’t involve colonics, detoxifying teas, green drinks or giving up caffeine, but a more creatively conscious use of language.

by simply omitting a few words in your vocabulary, i think you’ll be amazed…

let’s go on a “not” fast…shall we?
don’t worry, it’s very simple.
for the next 3 days, you could choose to refrain from using the word “not” and not (‘nt) contractions….like the word, “don’t”…..
what’s the point of a “not fast”? our minds work in a holographic mode.
when you tell a loved one, “don’t drive fast” ….. the image of “drive fast”
appears on their mental screen. getting the idea here?

on this fast, you could choose to say something else, like: “drive safely, and remember you are loved!” ….another example is a child at the doctor needing a shot…”don’t worry, that won’t hurt”…they hear the words “worry” and “hurt” and its all over….

the word “not” negates or short-circuits the desired outcome, tending to create more of what you’re avoiding…

Replacing “not” and “‘nt contractions” with what you’re DESIRING, adds a highly active, creative energy to all of your words!
starting now ~ all day, each day, for 3…
your “NOT fast” begins now!

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