ahh, the panic in their eyes had not quite set in when i asked if everyone in the room was ready for the SACRED SWEAT ” 3 day weekend challenge”… you see, they say “YES” and THEN i tell them what it is. brave souls they are, and you can imagine that when i offered up a FAST, they got slightly uncomfortable…however, this fast is one of a different nature than most are doing these days…it doesn’t involve colonics, detoxifying teas, green drinks or giving up caffeine, but a more creatively conscious use of language.

by simply omitting a few words in your vocabulary, i think you’ll be amazed…

let’s go on a “not” fast…shall we?
don’t worry, it’s very simple.
for the next 3 days, you could choose to refrain from using the word “not” and not (‘nt) contractions….like the word, “don’t”…..
what’s the point of a “not fast”? our minds work in a holographic mode.
when you tell a loved one, “don’t drive fast” ….. the image of “drive fast”
appears on their mental screen. getting the idea here?

on this fast, you could choose to say something else, like: “drive safely, and remember you are loved!” ….another example is a child at the doctor needing a shot…”don’t worry, that won’t hurt”…they hear the words “worry” and “hurt” and its all over….

the word “not” negates or short-circuits the desired outcome, tending to create more of what you’re avoiding…

Replacing “not” and “‘nt contractions” with what you’re DESIRING, adds a highly active, creative energy to all of your words!
starting now ~ all day, each day, for 3…
your “NOT fast” begins now!

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yes….beyond measure. xo.

yes, you are.......

to GIVE and LET IT GO….

what a loaded time of the year we’re headed into…

gifts, family, do i buy for this person, that person …well, what’s it all about?
this weekend…it’s about an opportunity.

this is a 3 day challenge, but really, i want to make this your opportunity of the month….

i challenge you to GIVE without expecting ANYTHING to happen in return.

ok, for example… when you feel obligated to send a card to an old aunt and you do so,
so she can still tell her friends what a good person you are, or so that your parents will be pleased….etc. you know that? that’s not it…

here’s how it works….. YOU CAN be the bearer of peace, be kind, show compassion, give a compliment, or any other numerous forms of a gift…….BUT….THEN,  LET IT GO.

let the gift returned be the good feelings that you have from doing it….NOT allowing the receivers response dictate how you then feel. that’s conditional giving…that’s taking. If something wonderful happens in return…TERRIFIC…it will be an added bonus…because you already feel great having chosen to love no matter what.

when we can love for the sake of loving without expecting anything in return….incredible things can happen in the lives of those we are loving & especially in our own lives and hearts. it is this kind of LOVE that has the potential to heal us all…
this weekend, i offer up the challenge that with each move you make, you first remember that its NOT the love you get back from giving, but the love you GIVE away without any attachment to an outcome that truly feeds you.
connect with the innocence and purity of giving…. because it’s from THAT mindset, that you’ll feel free from the trap of expecting that something will happen if you love enough,
if you love the right way, or if you love more than someone else….
you are already loved beyond measure…
have a beautiful weekend everyone, xo, kimberly.

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VIAGRA…or forgiveness?


if i was going to drop dead…i was going to do it in sparkles….

the sensations began when in the middle of teaching sacred sweat and I must confess …this indescribably uncomfortable feeling in my chest~like i couldn’t breathe scared me…. and when this rather new and interesting dilemma began to permeate through my days with the simplest of chores, it quickly became apparent that i needed help. late one evening, I brought myself to the emergency room, and hours later a misty inhaler machine had me feeling slightly better. i was eventually sent home with several pocket sized inhalers that i was told to use before class…they were to open up my lungs and allow for easier breathing…however ~ made me dizzy and the ability to bring air into my body didn’t improve. after a few days,  i returned to the hospital for testing on a stationary bike ~hooked up to wires and once reaching anaerobic state, being rather gruffly placed onto a gurney with a heart monitor to find out what was happening, then x-rays, then the cold dye in my veins and into this big tubular machine to lie still for a bit. it wasn’t bad…not spa like…and not that i’d know mind you….but it was ok as far as a day in the hospital goes. hey, people were lovely and I was smilin’…

the next morning i got a call saying my presence was requested at a heart specialists office…and the smile quickly left my face.

“well kimberly, you know those Olympic athletes that just suddenly drop dead on the track or the court?…..that’s you. your heart is too thick and strong and the valves aren’t working properly, so i’m putting you on viagra.” “VIAGRA? ….you mean, the drug that has side effects of blindness? i’m not going on that drug!” ” listen to me…he said with a distinct air of frustration….the FDA wouldn’t do anything that wasn’t safe for people”

that’s when i knew i was in the wrong place and i absolutely couldn’t stop myself from blurting out….  ” fuck the FDA, i’ll fix it myself!!!!!!!”  i then high tailed it out the door and headed to my favorite little boutique where these dangly earrings had been taunting me for months….i say taunting, because they were $128. which is seriously out of my budget but I burst out with , “i’ll take those please…” they are dangly, sparkly and NOTHING like me at all but the little girl in me secretly pined for them and if she was going to drop dead without so much as a warning, she was going to do it in sparkles!

they asked if i wanted them wrapped and i said, no thank you i’ll put them on now and i marched out with a big dose of “so there” conviction and into my car where i proceeded to sob…and then call my sister.

after telling her the whole story she immediately replied…”of course your heart is too hard and too thick you dumb ass, look at what you’ve lived through…you made it that way to protect yourself.

i sat there in utter silence…those lingering worlds ringing in my head….i was dumbfounded that i hadn’t ever made the connection between my thoughts and my body…

in the past I’d had bone tumors, cysts and fibroids cut out of me and never really made the connection. it was as if a light bulb went off in my brain, and in that instant i knew there were the darkest of places I had to muster up the courage to explore…and deeply.

as soon as i got home i enlisted a dear friend to help me…with what i wasn’t exactly sure, but i knew i was in for a big journey…….and with her guidance, the most challenging parts of that adventure lasted for about a year. every day i learned more about forgiveness and acceptance, compassion and healing….thinking about who i had trusted..forgiving myself and them, experiences i had held onto…deep~deep  inside… day after day I began to feel a tiny bit released from those thoughts that kept me in bondage…. living in compassion for those who had caused so much pain and terror was quite a challenge for me….from my mother to people whos names i didnt learn until they were lined up on a wall behind one way glass at the police station. every one of them. i finally found peace (not every moment, but more often than not) AND i could breathe again. the connection was made and I understood it.

……with the one year check up before me, i enthusiastically walked back into the hospital to meet with mr. viagra and the heart specialist to retake all the tests again.

life is so interesting isn’t it?

would you like to know the medical benefits of forgiveness?

they could not detect one single trace of a problem with my heart.

the practice of forgiveness reduces anger, hurt, depression and stress and leads to greater feelings of hope, peace, compassion and self confidence, leading to healthy relationships as well as physical health. it also influences our attitude…..which opens the heart to kindness, beauty, and love….worth the trip, wouldn’t you say?  xo.


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if not now…..WHEN?

i can comfortably say that most of us have a deep sense of what it is we really want to be doing with our life
and how it is we really want to be living, yet we fill ourselves with daily distractions that block us from honoring what we know our soul is trying to communicate.
we deny ourselves time to really check in and talk with ourselves because we’re afraid of what we might hear…..maybe we’re afraid that if we uncover the truth; if we arrive at an inner knowing about who we really want to be and how we really want to live,  it will mean we have to make big changes and sever our attachment to the current story of our life.

i challenge you to jump in….to “check in”, to feel, witness, breathe in all that absolutely can be. if not now, dearest heart…….WHEN?
checking in with our REAL self might force us to realize that the life we thought we “should” have; the person we thought we “should” be is no longer the life we want…….
what do you do when you check in with yourself and realize that you want more, that you simply must move beyond….
that the life you’re living now is NOT the life you really want?
SACRED SELF…….if not now ~ beautiful soul…………………………………………………………….WHEN?  xo.



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in my house, it was often stated, and from my mothers lips….

“never save the best part for last.” she’d steal cherished olives from your plate, whipped cream from the top of your sundae and race anyone for the sugariest end of a cinnamon roll….but cashmere?     ….now that was a different story.

she’d always subtly spoken of her wish for a cashmere sweater and so one year, found it wrapped and under the tree….just for her. the color~crimson red….and it was delicious. carefully and with delight and awe my mother gazed at her dream sweater in the box, then placed that heavenly wrap into her drawer to save…”for best.”

when the date finally came that was cashmere worthy, she excitedly pulled open the drawer to find that the moths had enjoyed it more than her…i was secretly crushed for my mother, and learned so much in that moment of the airing of the treasured scarlet threads….

PLEASE……..this weekend….use your “best” china~wear your “best” clothes~work on your “best” ideas as soon as you can. when we wait for tomorrow to come before we enjoy all that life has to offer, we miss out on what it’s offering RIGHT NOW.

…there is truly so much abundance in the world. plenty enough for everyone….and you don’t need to wait to enjoy what is in front of your face right now.

enjoy it.  enjoy your life!  every minute of it!  share what you have!

….the sun comes up every single day for us to enjoy…no matter what~

and tomorrow it will come up again. life is really THAT GOOD…

have a beautiful weekend. i love you, kimberly.

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relax or resist.

please take a moment to think of a challenging situation in your life, something you don’t want to be happening right now, something you want to change….. a situation in which you wish the events were going differently, more smoothly, more the way you want them to be…..

the way life unfolds is so interesting……sometimes the harder we push, the more resistance we get. Sometimes the more we obsess over something, the further it seems to slip from our grasp.

then, there are also those times when we~ just~ let~ go…..and life begins to fall into place;  more begins to work out beautifully than not, and you begin to feel the flow without all of the resistance.

right now, which way would you choose to live your life?

this is the perfect weekend challenge….. to Just be.

relax into the way it is….

maybe it’s the pain, maybe it’s the bliss.

either or in between, sit in it, sit there and feel it, it will pass….

resistance or relax?

You lived through yesterday, you are living through today, and if fortunate  enough–
you will live through tomorrow, but how?

relax or resist….you may begin now.

this, is freedom. set yourself free…………..i love you, x.


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