Sacred Self

STEPPING INTO SACRED SELF is a program that offers you the opportunity to positively impact your life every day and advance your personal well-being.

it was designed for people who are looking to actively participate, reclaim and reconnect with their inner knowing.

whether it be for:

  • reducing stress
  • losing weight
  • connecting with more happiness and joy
  • discovering optimal foods that sustain you
  • incorporating seasonal cleansing practices
  • emotional eating challenges… (stress, boredom, loss, binging etc)
  • setting better boundaries with yourself and others
  • becoming clearer and understanding what you really want from this life
  • attaining goals and dreams for a fuller~richer life
  • support with lifestyle related health issues…(ex. type 2 diabetes)
  • relief from habits that you know do not support your overall health
  • yo~yo dieting and its roller coaster ride side effects

as your integrative advocate, I offer tools for putting change into action and as your trusted guide am honored to witness the excitement as you begin to feel the  connection with your inner knowing once again or quite possibly for the very first time. beginning with our first session together you step into an active role, and learn to reconnect with your authentic self….emerging with the wisdom and knowing  that you can thrive in harmony and balance as you lead an integrated life.

each session builds on the one before…and is the next opportunity to connect more deeply to that inner  knowing as the truest expression of yourself becomes revealed.

I will not tell you what you “should” eat or what to do…. you are the only authority in your life and no one else’s answers will bring about sustainable change. they’ve got to come from your truth. no one outside of yourself has those answers.

I will, however, offer challenges to work on between our sessions, so that you may begin incorporating new ideas into practice and create new healthier habits. as you live more connected to your inner knowing, you’ll witness the vibration of your energetic field change as resistance and other negative aspects of your life give way to something new. . sacred self work allows space for that deeper self discovery and coming to your own decisions about how you want to embrace your life.

as your advocate I support you to move beyond self limiting thoughts and behaviors by asking the hard questions and empowering you to find those answers within yourself. this is a full spectrum experience and I am committed to supporting you as you redefine/refine your goals and develop effective strategies for reaching them.

it is so very inspiring to witness my clients creating their lives with passion and purpose…to witness them attending to their needs, hopes, dreams…knowing they already have everything they need inside of them to achieve them. i simply shine the light on their path….


when you make a commitment to life, life makes a commitment back. might today be the day you say, “YES” to yourself and all you aspire? the opportunity to fully step in is here. you haven’t landed on this website by mistake…

session options to fit your needs:

  • one on one in appleton, maine
  • phone consultations
  • skype sessions

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