Sacred Self Testimonials

“I think about the discoveries I made every single day- either because of something you said, a choice I make about food, a conversation I have with my daughters about living or by experiencing the joy that my body is doing everything that I am asking of it. without doing this work, I don’t know if I would have made such a radical change in my life. you have made such a HUGE impact on the person I am today, and on the choices and thoughts I have each and every day. I am so lucky to have met you, shared with you and found a passion for movement that I never knew I had, thank you.”

“baby steps are the way forward for me, and feeling supported in coming to my own conclusions. Thank you for all you have taught me. Every day I wake up I feel as if I understand my needs more and more. I am looking forward to our next session and all that it will bring.”

“I love receiving the extra support in between my sessions. I truly needed the message you sent me today. down another 3 pounds this week and still plugging along without feeling stressed. I feel great and as each day goes by I am so thankful that I made the choice to ask you for help with this journey. thank you!”

“Professionally you were SO helpful when I went to you last January. I reached you thinking I needed nutritional counseling. Yet, your insight into the whole life approach was so perfect for my needs (many that I wasnt even aware of at the time) that I still benefit today from that time spent with you- beyond just about what to eat.”

“no more tears! thank you!!!”

” this has been a great opportunity for me to reconnect with the woman I feel I left behind years ago, and it’s so nice to be back!”

“there are things I never shared with anyone before, but Kimberly opened the door to my deepest fears and taught me to love and see them as valuable information. for the first time in months, maybe years, the anxiety has stopped. I felt safe, I could be honest with her and never felt judged or alone. I love every session I had with her and this experience was amazing!”

“this experience has been like a rebirth!”

“Kimberly was an unbelievable guide that helped me on my journey back to discovering what it was I wanted from my life. years of giving to others left me feeling depleted and drained. she taught me how to take better care of myself and live with better boundaries. now I feel I can give much more because I take time to nurture myself and in turn, give better quality care to others.”

” this work made me realize I am a whole lot stronger than I thought I was. getting really clear about my life goals and learning how to take steps in the moment to reach them was invaluable for me. I feel focused and happier and am excited about an amazing future for myself!”

“I wanted to share that I always leave your sanctuary feeling light …not so confused. I so wish that I could fold your house and you into my pocket so I could pull you out when ever I need your smile and “it’s ok”. I am heading upstairs right now to start my graditude journaling and at the top of my list is you…xo”

“the sacred self experience emphasized and taught me to see and work with myself as a whole person. to take into account my physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual parts. Kimberly taught me how to see how they’re all connected.  the tools she taught me are invaluable and I am so grateful I gave the gift of this work to myself- it wasn’t easy, but it was worth it! “

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