Sacred Sweat

people have often come to me saying that they work out to lose weight and change the shape of their bodies, but when we talk further what really emerges is that they want to change how they feel, not only in their bodies, but in all aspects of their lives.

SACRED SWEAT was born after spending over 25 years in the “fitness” field witnessing great disconnect between nutrition, spirituality, and integrated health…and I felt strongly that “fitness” needed a makeover.

it’s not about your muscles, how fast you can run, how much you weigh… there are plenty of  physically fit people that are unhappy, pessimistic and drained of spirit.

the time had come for a new dynamic.

SACRED SWEAT is the vehicle that supports you in managing stress successfully, builds strength and endurance, offers space for ideas and thoughts that are positive and life affirming, and furthers spiritual connection with both your inner and outer environment. it increases overall fitness and community… a safe framework to more deeply discover your joy, love, happiness. these are the elements that provide the foundation for attaining a “fit” body.

so come… question and challenge your body and mind  like no other exercise does.

you’ll find it’s never the same twice. we take each other on a journey through an hour that offers a mixture of modalities… the level of intensity is up to you.

yoga, stillness, mindfulness, aerobic, dance, strength, toning, stretching, breath, floor work, connection with others, form, balance…etc. as each class comes to a close, there is space made for reflection, questioning or making deeper connections with self and/or others in the room. it is a very rich experience and we look forward to you joining us…

  • Monday evenings from 5:30-6:30
    Wednesday & Friday mornings from 9am to 10am/ summer at 8am
  • Location: High Mountain Hall, Camden, Maine
  • Bring: sneakers or bare feet are fine….water & open heart, a must. we supply mats, weights, and blankets.
  • class cards do not expire & are non~transferable.

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