Sacred Sweat Testimonials

“SS allows me to live more fully and move more easily in all areas of my life”

“Kimberly is filled with pearls of wisdom and insight. I always leave feeling encouraged and uplifted, no matter how badly I felt when I walked in. ”

“sacred sweat is such a valuable addition to my life. it never falls short of providing me with a fresh perspective. I feel lighter in my body and my thoughts every time I leave.”

“I love the weekend challenges! every friday I make a promise to myself to step out of my comfort zone and remain open to new ways of dealing with challenging times in my life. I really love this class.”

“no matter what challenges I have each morning, how hard it can be to get there, it’s indispensable in my life.”

“I love the friendships I’ve made in sacred sweat. it’s like we’re a family and I feel really comfortable with everyone. I’ve never felt that before in a class. usually it’s competitive and I don’t feel connected to the teacher”

” it’s helped me get through some really hard times”

“I have never so consistently followed or enjoyed working out the way I have in sacred sweat. thank you!”

“at first I was so scared to take this class. I’d heard it’s really tough, and it is, but Kimberly accepts me where I am and also eggs me on to reach higher for myself and I feel so great when I leave. she always sees the possibility in me and I  now can see and feel it in myself. I love this class.”

“my husband and family are grateful!”

“good energy, great vibes, and wise words!”

“Sacred Sweat keeps me balanced; both physically and mentally! The combination of aerobics and daily thoughts. I can’t think of anything I’d rather do three mornings a week! ”

“started SS when I turned 50, to prove something to myself. It has become much more. If I can do it, anyone can do it.”

“although I’ve moved out of state, I often think about the SS community. Remembering how much connection and satisfaction comes from the synchronized union of pushing ourselves together. Keep on it!”

“I am addicted to Sacred Sweat! Kimberly’s workout complements my training for other sports, leaves me feeling physically and spiritually uplifted, and connects me to my community. Her spark has ignited my passion for dance, exercise, and following an examined path. If I’m tired, Sweat gives me energy. If I’m glum, Sweat cheers me up. If I’m lazy, Sweat encourages me. This class attracts the most interesting and accomplished people- I’m proud to be a part of it!”

“sacred sweat has been a life line for me.”

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